Heron Concrete Block Wall Project in Parkwood, Gold Coast QLD

Heron Concrete Block Wall Project in Parkwood, Gold Coast QLD

Client Challenge:

In Parkwood, Gold Coast QLD, a client sought the expertise of Australian Retaining Walls to enhance their property with a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution. The task was to construct a Heron Concrete Block Wall over 40 metres in length and 1 metre high, starting from the front of the property to delineate the car park area, extending around the side of the house, and reaching down to the back garden.

The wall needed to not only retain land from the adjoining property but also incorporate a raised garden bed and include a stairway to a previously inaccessible raised lawn area at the front, intended for a new seating area.

Our Solution:

Despite the site being largely cleared, the challenging hard rocky ground required precise preparation using a small excavator for the footings and stairway excavation. This groundwork ensured a solid base for the concrete footings essential for the Heron Concrete Block Wall construction. After thorough consultation and planning, the wall's location was strategically mapped and pegged to maximize the utility of the car park area and ensure convenient access to the back garden.

The construction commenced with the base blocks being set into concrete footings, followed by core filling and the meticulous building of the wall. A robust drainage system was implemented using 65mm drainage pipes and 20mm gravel, complemented by a layer of geotextile fabric to prevent soil seepage. The drainage pipes were carefully outletted through the wall at strategic points to align with existing drains.


The completion of the Heron Concrete Block Wall has significantly transformed the client's property, providing a clearly defined car park area, a beautiful raised garden bed, and a functional stairway to the new seating area. The final touches included precisely positioned and cut rectangular caps, ensuring the wall blended seamlessly with the property's contours and providing a polished finish to the project.

Project Highlights:

  • Location: Parkwood, Gold Coast QLD
  • Type of Wall: Heron Concrete Block Wall
  • Length: Over 40 metres
  • Height: 1 metre
  • Unique Features: Integrated raised garden bed, stairway to a raised lawn area, and a comprehensive drainage system
  • Challenges: Hard rocky ground requiring meticulous preparation for a solid foundation

This case study not only showcases the capabilities of Australian Retaining Walls in handling complex retaining wall projects but also emphasizes the functional and aesthetic benefits such structures can bring to a property.

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