Lakefront Transformation with Flush Face Garden Wall Blocks in Coombabah

Lakefront Transformation with Flush Face Garden Wall Blocks in Coombabah

Client Challenge

The client at a Coombabah, Gold Coast QLD lakefront property sought to transform their sloping land into a functional and enjoyable outdoor space, capitalizing on the beautiful views and waterfront lifestyle opportunities such as kayaking, fishing, and crabbing. Additionally, they aimed to eliminate the need for laborious lawn maintenance on the sloping terrain.

Our Solution

After thorough consultation, the decision was made to use charcoal-coloured Flush face Garden Wall blocks for the retaining walls, steps, and paving, chosen for their aesthetic appeal and practicality. Given the restricted access to the lakefront, our micro excavator was employed for the cut and fill earthworks, adhering to the "GCCC Flood storage water compensation" bylaw by avoiding soil removal or excessive fill importation. This approach ensured a balanced redistribution of the excavated soil, with minimal additional materials required, namely coarse river sand for paving and concrete for the blocks and steps. The project involved meticulous planning and precision, especially around the boat jetty platforms and when adapting the construction to provide access to essential utility areas like the shed and pool pump hut, which presented unique level adjustments.


The transformation delivered a multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor area that perfectly aligns with the client's desire for a leisurely and maintenance-free waterfront lifestyle. The use of Flush face Garden Wall blocks not only enhanced the property's appeal but also provided practical solutions to the challenges posed by the uneven terrain and limited access, achieving a seamless integration with the existing structures.

Project Highlights

This Coombabah project showcases Australian Retaining Walls' expertise in executing complex waterfront transformations, particularly in challenging environments with strict regulatory compliance requirements. The careful selection of materials and innovative construction techniques exemplify our ability to tailor solutions that meet our clients' lifestyle aspirations while enhancing the functionality and beauty of their properties on the Gold Coast. The project stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality landscaping and retaining wall solutions that cater to the unique needs of each client.

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