Joint Retaining Wall Solution with Windsor Blocks for Ashmore Neighbours

Joint Retaining Wall Solution with Windsor Blocks for Ashmore Neighbours

Client Challenge

Two neighbouring properties in Ashmore, Gold Coast QLD, were faced with the common issue of a failing timber retaining wall that affected both their yards. The challenge was to find a replacement solution that would not only rectify the structural concerns but also satisfy the aesthetic and functional requirements of both households.

Our Solution

After a detailed inspection and consultation with the homeowners, Windsor concrete blocks combined with a Colorbond fence were recommended as the most suitable system for the replacement. This choice promised durability and a modern look that would complement both properties. The project required careful coordination, with demolition and construction access utilized from both the upper and lower properties to minimize disruption. The demolition process involved a collaborative effort, with materials passed between properties for efficient disposal. The construction of the Windsor concrete block wall involved meticulous planning to accommodate existing structures like the pool pump housing, leading to a unique, slightly segmented design. The wall's foundation was laid with concrete, and after setting, a comprehensive drainage system was installed, including a 65mm drainage pipe, geotextile fabric, and 20mm gravel backfill to ensure longevity and functionality.


The new Windsor concrete block wall and Colorbond fence provided a robust and visually appealing solution that transformed the shared boundary into a secure and attractive feature for both properties. The project's success was marked by the seamless integration of the wall with the fence, particularly in areas where the fence stepped, ensuring no gaps and maintaining consistency along the boundary. The collaborative approach resulted in minimal disruption and high satisfaction levels among both sets of homeowners.

Project Highlights

This Ashmore project highlights Australian Retaining Walls' capability to address shared property challenges with innovative solutions that cater to the needs of multiple stakeholders. The use of Windsor concrete blocks and Colorbond fencing exemplifies our commitment to providing high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and durable retaining wall solutions. The project demonstrates our ability to navigate complex site conditions and existing infrastructure, ensuring a successful outcome that enhances the value and enjoyment of residential outdoor spaces on the Gold Coast.

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