Heron Concrete Block Wall Installation for Coomera Property Enhancement

Heron Concrete Block Wall Installation for Coomera Property Enhancement

Client Challenge

The task at a Coomera, Gold Coast QLD property involved the construction of a retaining wall following the excavation of a house pad. The challenge was to select a wall system that would not only complement the property's aesthetics but also conform to the limited space available, all while providing the necessary structural support.

Our Solution

After a comprehensive evaluation, the Heron concrete block system was identified as the optimal choice for its aesthetic appeal and functional design. Notably, the Heron system's minimal step-back feature, requiring only 10mm per course, made it particularly suitable for areas where space is at a premium. Our team commenced the project with meticulous planning, coordinating with other trades on-site to ensure seamless integration. Following the precise excavation of the footing, the construction of the Heron concrete block wall began. The process included setting the base blocks in concrete, stacking the subsequent blocks to the required height, and core-filling them for enhanced strength. A 65mm drainage pipe was installed behind the wall, complemented by geo-textile fabric to prevent soil erosion, and covered with 20mm drainage gravel for effective water management. The project was crowned with the installation of a robust cap, securely glued for added stability.


The completion of the Heron concrete block wall significantly improved the Coomera property's landscape, providing a sturdy and space-efficient retaining solution. The wall's design and construction techniques ensured longevity and aesthetic harmony with the surrounding environment, fulfilling the client's requirements and exceeding expectations.

Project Highlights

This Coomera project showcases our expertise in implementing Heron concrete block walls, particularly in settings where space conservation is crucial. Our ability to collaborate effectively with other professionals on-site and our attention to detail in every phase of construction—from planning and excavation to core-filling and drainage—emphasise our commitment to delivering high-quality retaining wall solutions. The Heron concrete block system's small step-back and core-filled design illustrate our dedication to providing innovative solutions that blend form and function, further establishing our reputation as a trusted retaining wall specialist on the Gold Coast.

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