Heron Concrete Block Wall and BBQ Area Upgrade by Australian Retaining Walls

Heron Concrete Block Wall and BBQ Area Upgrade by Australian Retaining Walls

Client Challenge

A multifaceted project awaited Australian Retaining Walls at a residence desiring not only a retaining wall solution but also enhancements to their outdoor living spaces. The brief included constructing a durable Heron concrete block wall at the property's front, revitalising the BBQ area at the back, and creating a safe play space for the children.

Our Solution

Our initial step involved a meticulous excavation to lay the foundation for the Heron concrete block wall, known for its robustness and aesthetic quality. The construction process commenced with the base blocks being securely set in concrete, followed by stacking the remaining blocks and core-filling them to ensure the wall's strength. The addition of caps, glued for permanence, provided a polished finish to the wall. To address drainage, we incorporated 20mm gravel and a 65mm drainage pipe behind the wall, with an outlet strategically placed during the base block installation. The project's scope broadened to the backyard, where we executed the client's vision for a refreshed BBQ area. This involved erecting a screen for privacy and laying pavers for a refined look. The transformation culminated in the introduction of quality topsoil and turf to establish a level, lush play area for the children, marrying functionality with leisure.


The comprehensive approach taken by Australian Retaining Walls not only fortified the property's perimeter with a Heron concrete block wall but also significantly enhanced the outdoor living experience. The revamped BBQ area and the new play space now offer a blend of utility and enjoyment, tailored to the family's lifestyle. The successful integration of these elements demonstrates our capability to deliver diverse landscaping solutions that cater to various aspects of outdoor living.

Project Highlights

This project stands as a testament to our versatility in outdoor construction, showcasing our ability to seamlessly combine retaining wall construction with landscaping and outdoor living enhancements. From the structural integrity provided by the Heron concrete block wall to the functional beauty of the BBQ area and the joyous play space, each aspect of this project reflects our dedication to meeting our clients' needs with precision and creativity, further solidifying our reputation on the Gold Coast.

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