Heron Concrete Block Retaining Walls for New Family Home in Coomera Waters

Heron Concrete Block Retaining Walls for New Family Home in Coomera Waters

Client Challenge:

The property owner, with a background in the building industry, was in the process of constructing a new family home in Coomera Waters. With a clear vision for the property's landscaping needs, they sought a reliable and aesthetically pleasing retaining wall solution that aligned with their expertise and expectations.

Our Solution:

Understanding the owner's specific requirements, Australian Retaining Walls was engaged to supply and install Heron concrete block retaining walls. Adhering to our high standards of construction, we ensured that each wall was built upon a sturdy concrete base, providing a robust foundation that guarantees longevity. The walls were meticulously backfilled with 20mm gravel, complemented by geotextile fabric and 65mm agricultural pipe, to ensure optimal drainage and structural integrity.


The construction of the Heron concrete block retaining walls progressed without a hitch, culminating in a series of stunning and structurally sound walls that enhanced the aesthetic and functional appeal of the new family home. The owners were particularly pleased with the smooth execution and the professional finish that aligned perfectly with their vision and understanding of quality construction practices.

Project Highlights:

This project stands as a testament to Australian Retaining Walls' expertise in constructing Heron concrete block retaining walls in Coomera Waters. Our commitment to building on a concrete foundation and incorporating effective drainage solutions like gravel, geotextile fabric, and agricultural pipes ensures the durability and beauty of our retaining walls, reflecting our dedication to excellence in every project we undertake on the Gold Coast.

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