Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Transformation in Gold Coast

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Wall Transformation in Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The client faced a significant challenge with their 20-year-old timber sleeper retaining wall, which had succumbed to termite damage and wood rot, leading to a partial collapse. The urgency to replace this failing structure was heightened by the critical condition of certain sections, threatening further costly damages.

Our Solution

Understanding the client's reluctance to use timber again, we recommended a concrete sleeper retaining wall as the perfect alternative. This solution not only promised to eliminate the risk of termite and rot but also ensured enhanced durability. Our team skillfully navigated the complex task of demolishing the old wall while preserving the recently installed Colorbond fence, a testament to our expertise and careful planning.


The newly constructed concrete sleeper retaining wall, stretching 30 metres in length and standing up to 1.4 metres high, now offers the client a long-lasting, maintenance-free solution. The selection of concrete sleepers, available in various colours, not only addressed the functional requirements but also added aesthetic value to the property.

Project Highlights

This project showcased our ability to tackle challenging situations, such as preserving the existing Colorbond fence during demolition. The replacement with a concrete sleeper retaining wall on the Gold Coast exemplifies our commitment to delivering durable, termite-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing retaining wall solutions.

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