Flush Face Garden Wall Installation in Labrador, Gold Coast

Flush Face Garden Wall Installation in Labrador, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

At a property in Labrador, Gold Coast, a rapidly failing timber retaining wall required immediate attention. The wall's timber was not extensively rotted, but the posts had not been installed deeply enough, causing the embankment's pressure to push the wall over in several sections. This common issue with poorly constructed walls necessitated a reliable and long-lasting solution.

Our Solution

Australian Retaining Walls proposed replacing the failing timber wall with a Flush Face Garden Wall concrete block system. Although there was an existing concrete pathway around the house, the varying levels of the concrete made it unsuitable to lay the blocks directly on it using mortar. After evaluating the site with a laser level, it was determined that cutting out the existing concrete and laying the blocks on a fresh concrete footing would provide the best results.


The new Flush Face Garden Wall was constructed on a solid concrete footing, ensuring stability and durability. Australian Retaining Walls also installed a comprehensive drainage system, including a 65mm drainage pipe, 20mm gravel, and geotextile fabric, to prevent water build-up and enhance the wall's longevity. The result was a robust, aesthetically pleasing retaining wall that significantly improved the property's structural integrity and appearance.

Project Highlights

This project in Labrador, Gold Coast, showcased Australian Retaining Walls' expertise in replacing substandard retaining walls with high-quality, durable solutions. The use of the Flush Face Garden Wall concrete block system provided a lasting and visually appealing replacement for the failing timber wall. Key aspects of the project included precise site assessment, strategic removal of unsuitable concrete, and the implementation of an effective drainage system. The homeowner now enjoys a secure, low-maintenance retaining wall that enhances the property's overall value and safety.

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