Flush Face Garden Wall Installation in Ashmore, Gold Coast

Flush Face Garden Wall Installation in Ashmore, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The property owners in Ashmore, Gold Coast, faced a significant safety issue with their old timber retaining wall. Standing at 1.8 metres tall at its highest point, many of the posts had rotted near ground level, posing a serious risk, especially with young children playing in the garden. Although some timber sleepers were still in decent condition, the overall fragility of the wall demanded urgent replacement.

Our Solution

After evaluating the condition of the existing timber wall, Australian Retaining Walls recommended replacing it with Flush Face Garden Wall concrete blocks. This option provided a durable and long-lasting solution, aligning with the clients’ desire for a maintenance-free outdoor area. Given the wall’s height and material change, planning permission from the council was required, and our engineer associate was engaged to facilitate this process. With the necessary permissions secured, we proceeded with the construction based on the engineer's plans.


The construction process involved laying the base blocks on a concrete footing, typical for such installations. For the sections of the wall exceeding 1 metre in height, we implemented a specialized drainage system using no-fines 20mm concrete reinforcing instead of the standard 20mm gravel. This approach ensures superior drainage and structural integrity, critical for higher walls. The new Flush Face Garden Wall concrete blocks not only enhanced the safety and aesthetics of the property but also provided a long-term solution that the clients could trust.

Project Highlights

This project in Ashmore, Gold Coast, demonstrated Australian Retaining Walls' capability to manage complex retaining wall replacements, including securing necessary council permissions and adhering to engineering specifications. The use of Flush Face Garden Wall concrete blocks ensured a robust and visually appealing outcome. The project highlights include:

  • Efficiently obtaining council approval for construction.
  • Utilizing an advanced drainage system for enhanced wall stability.
  • Providing a safe, durable, and low-maintenance solution for the property owners.

The clients were highly satisfied with the transformation, enjoying a secure and beautifully updated outdoor space for their family.

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