Flush Face Garden Wall Installation at a Commercial Property in Burleigh, Gold Coast

Flush Face Garden Wall Installation at a Commercial Property in Burleigh, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

A commercial property in Burleigh, Gold Coast, faced significant structural risks with an old besser block wall that astonishingly lacked cement and a concrete footing, being merely supported by star pickets for 15 years. The need for a reliable and durable retaining wall solution was critical to ensure the safety and aesthetic enhancement of the property.

Our Solution

To address the precarious state of the old wall, we recommended the construction of a Flush Face Garden Wall Concrete Block wall. The project involved extensive demolition of the old structure and precise excavation work, with a surveyor enlisted to accurately mark boundaries and avoid any potential legal or structural issues. Our team laid the new wall's base blocks on a concrete footing, carefully aligning and stacking the blocks to the appropriate height, typically kept under one metre to circumvent additional costs associated with council permissions and engineering fees.


The new Flush Face Garden Wall not only corrected the previous wall's deficiencies but also brought a modern and polished look to the commercial site. With the wall reinforced with 20mm gravel and a 65mm drainage pipe installed to manage hydraulic pressure effectively, the longevity and functionality of the retaining wall are now significantly enhanced.

Project Highlights

This Burleigh, Gold Coast project underscores our expertise in delivering robust and aesthetically pleasing retaining wall solutions for commercial properties. The Flush Face Garden Wall Concrete Block represents a substantial upgrade over the previous makeshift wall, ensuring stability, compliance with legal standards, and an overall enhancement in property value and appearance. The project exemplifies our commitment to safety, precision, and client satisfaction in retaining wall construction

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