Flush Face Garden Wall for Poolside Retaining in Pacific Pines

Flush Face Garden Wall for Poolside Retaining in Pacific Pines

Client Challenge

The owners of a property in Pacific Pines, Gold Coast, faced significant issues with their existing timber retaining wall next to the swimming pool. Roots from large trees and shrubs had penetrated the wall, causing it to rot due to poor drainage and lack of geotextile fabric. The failing wall posed a risk to the structural integrity of the pool area and needed a durable replacement.

Our Solution

Australian Retaining Walls recommended the installation of a Flush Face Garden Wall concrete block retaining wall. This system was chosen for its durability and resistance to rot, unlike timber. Although the concrete blocks have a slightly larger footprint, there was sufficient space to accommodate them without compromising the pool area's layout.


The Flush Face Garden Wall blocks were bedded into a concrete footing and stacked up to 1 metre high, avoiding the need for council permission and additional architectural fees. A 65 mm drainage pipe was installed behind the wall, surrounded by 20 mm drainage gravel. Geotextile fabric was pinned to the embankment to prevent soil particles from clogging the drainage system. This setup ensured proper drainage and long-term stability. With the retaining wall in place, the pool area is now ready for tiling and landscaping, significantly enhancing the property's value and appearance.

Project Highlights

This project in Pacific Pines, Gold Coast, demonstrated Australian Retaining Walls' expertise in addressing complex landscaping issues and providing long-lasting solutions. The use of Flush Face Garden Wall concrete blocks ensured a robust and aesthetically pleasing retaining wall that will not succumb to root penetration or rot. The project highlights include effective drainage solutions, strategic planning to avoid regulatory hurdles, and the successful transformation of the pool area into a safe and visually appealing space.

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