Durable Concrete Sleeper & Boral Keystone Block Walls for New Home

Durable Concrete Sleeper & Boral Keystone Block Walls for New Home

Client Challenge

The challenge for the new property owner was the limited space available along the sides and back of the home. They needed a solution that would not only maximize this tight space but also align with their aesthetic preferences for the street frontage.

Our Solution

To tackle the spatial constraints, we opted for concrete sleepers supported by galvanised steel H Beam posts, known for their durability and minimal space requirement. For the street frontage, the Boral Keystone concrete block wall was chosen for its appealing look, perfectly matching the owner's vision. The design was meticulously planned to ensure a sleek finish with a footprint of just 100mm, demonstrating our precision and expertise in handling challenging spaces.


The completion of the concrete sleeper and Boral Keystone block walls significantly transformed the property, providing a robust solution for the limited space and enhancing the street appeal. Our engineering associate ensured the structural integrity through meticulous design and oversight, resulting in walls built to withstand the test of time, much to the satisfaction of the homeowner.

Project Highlights

This project showcased our adeptness in installing concrete sleeper walls and Boral Keystone concrete block walls within tight spaces. The use of galvanised steel H Beam posts for the sleeper wall and the aesthetic choice of Boral Keystone blocks for the frontage underlined our commitment to combining functionality with style. The project stands as a testament to our capability to deliver custom solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs and preferences, reinforcing our reputation for quality and durability.

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