Diamond Concrete Block Wall and Colorbond Fence Installation in Carrara

Diamond Concrete Block Wall and Colorbond Fence Installation in Carrara

Client Challenge

In Carrara, Gold Coast QLD, a property was grappling with a deteriorating timber retaining wall and an irreparable fence, both in dire need of replacement. The project's complexity was heightened by the substantial size of the wall required, presenting a significant challenge in selecting an appropriate system that would offer both strength and aesthetic appeal.

Our Solution

The Diamond Concrete block system emerged as the ideal solution for this extensive project, renowned for its large block size and the advantage of not requiring core filling. Coupled with the decision to install a new Colorbond fence, this approach promised to not only enhance the structural integrity of the wall but also elevate the property's overall appearance. The project necessitated council approval and architectural plans, areas where our team provided comprehensive support. Following the demolition of the existing structures, an excavator was employed to prepare a substantial footing, ensuring the new wall would align perfectly with the lower level of the house. The construction phase involved meticulous placement of the Diamond Concrete blocks on a concrete footing, integrated with a sophisticated drainage system featuring a 100mm pipe and geotextile fabric to prevent soil erosion and waterlogging.


The completion of the Diamond Concrete block wall and the Colorbond fence marked a significant improvement in the property's landscape. The wall's near 2-metre height provided the necessary support and stability, while the modern fence design added a contemporary touch that complemented both properties. The project's success underscored our ability to handle large-scale, complex retaining wall installations, delivering solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Project Highlights

This Carrara project highlights our expertise in implementing Diamond Concrete block systems for large retaining walls, addressing the challenges of failing timber structures. Our comprehensive service, from obtaining necessary approvals to executing intricate construction details, demonstrates our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The addition of the Colorbond fence further illustrates our dedication to providing integrated landscaping solutions that enhance the visual appeal and value of properties on the Gold Coast.

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