Diamond Concrete Block System for Elevated House Pad in Gold Coast

Diamond Concrete Block System for Elevated House Pad in Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The task at hand involved constructing a retaining wall for a house pad that had been cut, with the added complexity of an adjacent house being in close proximity. The requirement for the wall to stand at 1.8m presented a significant challenge, particularly in terms of selecting a material that would ensure both strength and stability.

Our Solution

After a thorough appraisal, the Diamond concrete block system was chosen for its suitability, given its status as one of the largest and strongest blocks in the market. The project was not without its hurdles; the initial stages involved managing large puddles of rainwater at the construction site, requiring the surface to be pumped. Further complicating matters, the discovery of underground pipes during the excavation of the footing necessitated careful relocation in collaboration with a plumber. With these obstacles navigated, the construction of the Diamond concrete wall commenced. A meticulous approach was employed in laying the base and installing a comprehensive drainage system, setting the stage for the blocks to be stacked.


The unique construction technique of building the wall from the top down, necessitated by the combined factors of the wall's height and the weight of the blocks, was a standout feature of this project. Moreover, the limited site access meant that over 30 metres of gravel had to be manually transported into the site, a task typically reserved for machinery like a bobcat. This intensive labour was executed efficiently and timely by the dedicated team, showcasing their commitment to overcoming logistical challenges.

Project Highlights

This Gold Coast project exemplifies our ability to adapt and innovate in the face of complex challenges, particularly when constructing Diamond concrete block walls. The project's success is attributed to our strategic problem-solving, from managing waterlogged sites to accommodating underground utilities and executing labour-intensive tasks with precision. The completion of this retaining wall not only serves its functional purpose but also stands as a testament to our team's resilience and expertise in delivering high-quality retaining wall solutions.

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