Diamond Concrete Block Retaining Wall Solution for Croquet Lawn in Exclusive Gold Coast Estate

Diamond Concrete Block Retaining Wall Solution for Croquet Lawn in Exclusive Gold Coast Estate

Client Challenge:

Representatives of an exclusive residential estate approached Australian Retaining Walls to address a critical safety issue—a timber retaining wall on the verge of collapse, endangering the estate's croquet lawn. While an engineer's design was already in place, the estate was open to more efficient solutions.

Our Solution:

After reviewing the existing engineer's design, we proposed an alternative approach that would better suit the project's requirements and offer cost savings. The Diamond concrete block retaining wall system was selected for its suitability to the estate's unique conditions and aesthetic standards. Australian Retaining Walls took charge of the entire process, from engaging an associate engineer for a new design to handling the building application and certification, ensuring a streamlined and compliant project execution.


The construction phase presented significant access challenges, given the wall's remote location on a steep hill adjacent to a cow paddock. Despite these hurdles, our team expertly navigated the logistical complexities, including pumping concrete over a distance of 110 metres. The completed Diamond concrete block retaining wall, stretching over 50 metres in length and up to 1350mm in height, stands as a testament to our team's dedication and skill, significantly enhancing the safety and appearance of the estate's croquet lawn.

Project Highlights:

This project underscores Australian Retaining Walls' adaptability and expertise in executing complex retaining wall projects in challenging environments on the Gold Coast. The successful delivery of the Diamond concrete block retaining wall, coupled with favourable weather conditions and stunning views, made this project particularly enjoyable for our team. The owners' satisfaction with the outcome and the opportunity to work in such a picturesque setting were significant rewards for our efforts.

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