Diamond Block Retaining Wall Transformation in Gold Coast

Diamond Block Retaining Wall Transformation in Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The homeowner was facing a precarious situation with an ageing timber retaining wall that had reached the brink of its lifespan. The risk of the wall collapsing was high, posing a serious threat not only to the carport situated above but also to the residence itself. The potential for extensive damage was a significant concern, highlighting the urgent need for a robust solution.

Our Solution

In response to this critical challenge, we collaborated with our engineering partners to devise a solid plan. Our proposal involved the construction of a Diamond block retaining wall, renowned for its strength and durability, directly beneath the carport area. This choice was well-received by the homeowner, prompting us to proceed with obtaining the necessary engineer designs and approvals. Our team facilitated the entire process, from liaising with a private certifier to securing local council approval, ensuring a smooth and compliant project progression.


The construction phase culminated in the successful erection of the Diamond block retaining wall, significantly enhancing the property's safety and aesthetic appeal. As an added precaution, we installed a standard black pool-type fence, standing 1200mm high, atop the new structure to serve as a safety rail. Although the project was captured in photographs prior to its full completion, the transformation was evident, marking another triumph in our portfolio and leaving the homeowner thoroughly satisfied.

Project Highlights

This project underscored our ability to address serious structural concerns with timber retaining walls on the Gold Coast through innovative solutions like Diamond block walls. Not only did we prevent a potentially disastrous situation, but we also improved the property's overall appearance and safety standards. Our comprehensive approach, from design and approval to construction, exemplifies our commitment to delivering top-tier retaining wall solutions.

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