Courtyard Expansion with Besser Concrete Block Wall in Ashmore

Courtyard Expansion with Besser Concrete Block Wall in Ashmore

Client Challenge

In Ashmore, Gold Coast QLD, a homeowner sought to expand their narrow courtyard to enhance their living space. The site presented several challenges, including restricted access due to an extremely steep driveway and the additional hurdle of a summer downpour, complicating the delivery of materials. The existing wall and fence also needed to be demolished to make way for the new construction, adding to the project's complexity.

Our Solution

After evaluating the site, we advised the use of a Besser concrete block wall with an accompanying concrete slab and fence to maximise the courtyard's potential. Despite the logistical challenges posed by the steep driveway and adverse weather conditions, our team demonstrated resilience and ingenuity by manually transporting materials to the site. We commenced by laying a solid foundation with a concrete and steel trench mesh footing. Once set, the construction of the Besser concrete block wall began, reinforced with wall ties and steel for enhanced durability. The next phase involved the careful preparation and pouring of the concrete slab, facilitated by a concrete truck and pump to ensure precision and quality. The project culminated in the construction of block pillars, the placement of caps on the wall, and the installation of a new pine fence that seamlessly matched the existing perimeter fencing.


The completion of the courtyard extension significantly improved the homeowner's outdoor space, offering a new area for relaxation and entertainment. The project's success was a testament to our team's dedication and capability to navigate and overcome challenging conditions, delivering a high-quality result that met the client's needs and expectations.

Project Highlights

This project in Ashmore is a prime example of our expertise in crafting Besser concrete block walls and concrete slabs tailored to enhance residential spaces. Our ability to adapt to and manage difficult access and environmental conditions underscores our commitment to customer satisfaction and project excellence. The seamless integration of the new structures with the existing environment, coupled with our meticulous approach to construction, resulted in another delighted customer for Australian Retaining Walls, reinforcing our reputation on the Gold Coast.

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