Concrete Retaining Wall Installation in Robina, Gold Coast

Concrete Retaining Wall Installation in Robina, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The homeowner in Robina, Gold Coast, faced the challenge of maintaining a severely sloping backyard, which was becoming increasingly difficult and physically demanding to mow. Seeking a practical and aesthetic solution, they decided to level the yard to create a more manageable and usable outdoor space.

Our Solution

Australian Retaining Walls recommended the Flush Face Garden Wall concrete block system due to its durability and attractive appearance. The client agreed, and the groundwork commenced. Despite the spacious backyard, the narrow side passageway restricted access, allowing only a small excavator to pass. Fortunately, the soft ground facilitated easy removal of grass and digging of footings. All excavated materials were retained on-site for backfilling, saving the client disposal costs.


With the excavation and level establishment complete, construction began. Given the limited access, all blocks and concrete had to be transported by wheelbarrows to avoid damaging the existing paving and gardens. The main concrete retaining walls were soon built, impressing the client so much that they decided to replace another smaller timber wall with the same Flush Face Garden Wall system to match. After grading and laying topsoil, turf was installed, transforming the sloping yard into a flat, easy-to-maintain lawn.

Project Highlights

This project in Robina, Gold Coast, showcased Australian Retaining Walls' expertise in overcoming access challenges and delivering high-quality retaining wall solutions. Key highlights include:

  • Efficiently navigating narrow access with strategic use of a small excavator and wheelbarrows.
  • Using all excavated materials for backfilling, optimizing cost savings for the client.
  • Delivering a visually appealing and durable concrete retaining wall system that significantly improved the functionality and aesthetics of the property.

The clients were delighted with the transformation, enjoying a flat, usable backyard that is much easier to maintain. The successful completion of this project demonstrated our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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