Concrete Retaining Wall Installation in Reedy Creek, Gold Coast

Concrete Retaining Wall Installation in Reedy Creek, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The homeowners in Reedy Creek, Gold Coast, were struggling with a large area of exposed bedrock in their backyard. Their experience with their home builder had been frustrating, and they needed a reliable solution to restore their confidence. The goal was to cover the bedrock and create a stable, aesthetically pleasing retaining wall.

Our Solution

Australian Retaining Walls proposed the use of Flush Face Garden Wall interlocking link blocks for the retaining wall. Before starting construction, we deployed a large excavator with a jackhammer attachment to break out the excess bedrock. The broken rock was stockpiled to be used later as backfill, optimizing cost-efficiency and sustainability.


After the bedrock was broken out and stockpiled, our team dug a proper footing and established levels for the construction. The base course of concrete retaining wall blocks was laid on a wet concrete bed, ensuring a solid foundation. Subsequent blocks were stacked to the desired height, with backfilling using 20mm drainage gravel, geotextile fabric, ag. pipe, and the previously broken rock. This method provided excellent drainage and structural integrity.

Project Highlights

This project in Reedy Creek, Gold Coast, showcased Australian Retaining Walls' expertise in handling challenging site conditions and delivering durable, attractive solutions. Key highlights include:

  • Effective management of exposed bedrock using heavy machinery and careful planning.
  • Cost-saving measures by reusing broken rock as backfill.
  • Construction of a robust and visually appealing concrete retaining wall using Flush Face Garden Wall blocks.
  • Enhancing client confidence in the building industry through professional and reliable service.

The clients were delighted with the transformation and the professionalism displayed by Australian Retaining Walls. The project not only solved the immediate issue of exposed bedrock but also significantly improved the property's functionality and appearance.

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