Charcoal Split Face Besser Block Wall Installation in Robina, Gold Coast

Charcoal Split Face Besser Block Wall Installation in Robina, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The homeowner in Robina, Gold Coast, was dealing with ageing railway sleeper walls that were deteriorating after 25 years of service. The challenge was to find a more durable and visually appealing alternative that could seamlessly integrate into the existing landscape near a swimming pool.

Our Solution

After assessing the site and understanding the client's needs, we recommended a Charcoal Colour – Split Face Besser Block wall as the ideal replacement. The project required the removal of the old pergola, pool fencing, and the invasive ferns that had grown through the sleeper wall. Due to the limited access and proximity to the swimming pool, a micro excavator was carefully used to dig out a footing without disturbing the surrounding structures.


The construction of the new wall began with pouring a concrete footing, followed by the meticulous building of the Split Face Besser Block wall. To ensure aesthetic coherence, black oxide was blended with the mortar to match the charcoal colour of the blocks. The wall was then core-filled for added strength and capped to provide a polished finish, significantly enhancing the property's appearance and structural integrity.

Project Highlights

This Robina, Gold Coast project exemplifies our expertise in delivering high-quality retaining wall solutions that not only meet functional requirements but also complement the property’s aesthetics. The Charcoal Colour – Split Face Besser Block wall is a testament to our ability to navigate challenging site conditions and provide durable, attractive alternatives to traditional timber walls. This successful transformation has once again resulted in a highly satisfied customer, showcasing our commitment to excellence in retaining wall construction.

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