Besser Block Wall Replacement and Timber Fence Installation in Southport

Besser Block Wall Replacement and Timber Fence Installation in Southport

Client Challenge

In Southport, Gold Coast QLD, homeowners faced a pressing issue with a failing brick wall that posed a significant safety risk. The urgency of the situation required a swift and effective solution, especially given the wall's critical location near an old carport. The need for a replacement that would not only ensure safety but also aesthetically blend with the existing backyard environment was paramount.

Our Solution

After a detailed consultation, we recommended a smaller Besser block wall complemented by a timber fence, mirroring the existing rear fencing and offering a cohesive look. The project commenced with the demolition of the precarious brick wall and the removal of the old carport, ensuring the site was prepared for the new construction. Our team then executed precise excavation work to lay a solid foundation, followed by the pouring of steel-reinforced concrete footings. With the groundwork set, the construction of the Besser block wall began, incorporating steel reinforcement and concrete core filling to achieve maximum durability. The wall was topped with a simple, clean cap for a tidy finish.


The newly erected Besser block wall, coupled with the timber fence, not only fortified the property but also enhanced its visual appeal, providing the homeowners with a sense of security and satisfaction. The transformation was so impactful that it caught the attention of a retired builder neighbour, leading to an additional project to construct a Versa concrete block wall, thereby extending our positive influence to the neighbouring property.

Project Highlights

This project in Southport highlights our proficiency in delivering Besser block walls and timber fences that are not only structurally sound but also aesthetically pleasing. Our ability to respond swiftly to urgent situations, combined with our attention to detail and commitment to safety and quality, resulted in not just one, but two satisfied customers. The successful completion of this project under the scrutiny of a knowledgeable neighbour further attests to our expertise and the trust we inspire in our clients and their communities on the Gold Coast.

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