Besser Block Wall Installation: Matching Home Aesthetics in Gold Coast

Besser Block Wall Installation: Matching Home Aesthetics in Gold Coast

Client Challenge

Our client faced a unique challenge with their sloping block, necessitating a retaining wall solution that would not only complement the colour of their house but also navigate the site's tough conditions. The discovery of extremely hard rock and the need to avoid council fees by keeping the wall under 1 metre added to the complexity of the project.

Our Solution

The 200 Series Besser Block Wall emerged as the ideal solution for its adaptability and aesthetic potential. It was chosen for its ability to be rendered to match the house, offering a cohesive look. The use of an excavator revealed the site's hard rock, affirming the decision against a steel post and concrete sleeper wall. A stepped design was implemented to adhere to height regulations, with each section carefully constructed on a solid concrete footing and core-filled for enhanced stability.


The 200 Series Besser Block Wall not only met the client's aesthetic desires but also skillfully handled the site's challenging conditions. The wall was reinforced with horizontal and vertical steel bars, and a waterproof membrane was applied for additional protection. The drainage system behind the wall, featuring 20mm gravel and a 65mm pipe, ensured long-term durability. The project's successful completion brought another satisfied client to Australian Retaining Walls.

Project Highlights

This Gold Coast retaining wall project stands out for its strategic response to challenging site conditions and specific client requirements. The 200 Series Besser Block Wall was not only chosen for its structural integrity and ability to match the home's aesthetics but also for its adaptability to the site's sloping nature and hard rock challenges. The project exemplifies our expertise in delivering tailored, aesthetically pleasing, and durable retaining wall solutions.

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