Adbri Windsor Concrete Block Wall with Paver Steps in Benowa, Gold Coast

Adbri Windsor Concrete Block Wall with Paver Steps in Benowa, Gold Coast

Client Challenge

The homeowner in Benowa, Gold Coast, needed retaining walls immediately after installing a new pool. The challenge was to find a solution that complemented the pool area aesthetically while providing essential structural support to the surrounding landscape.

Our Solution

We proposed the use of Adbri Windsor concrete blocks for the retaining wall, coupled with matching paver steps, to ensure both aesthetic coherence and practical functionality. With the excavation already completed for the pool, our team was able to proceed swiftly. Initial steps involved precision levelling with a laser, setting the foundation of the Adbri Windsor concrete blocks 50mm below the pool coping as per the client's specifications, resulting in a beautifully curved retaining wall that followed the natural contours of the land.


The construction process involved laying the base blocks on a concrete footing and then carefully stacking the remaining Adbri Windsor concrete blocks, adapting to the sloping terrain as necessary. A 65mm drainage pipe and 20mm gravel were installed behind the wall to ensure proper drainage and prevent hydraulic pressure buildup. Geotextile fabric was also used to maintain the integrity of the drainage system. The steps were constructed with a slightly different block to suit the functional requirements, yet the texture and colour were perfectly matched to the wall, creating a harmonious and elegant transition from the pool area to the rest of the garden.

Project Highlights

This project in Benowa, Gold Coast, exemplifies the successful integration of functional retaining walls and steps with the aesthetic requirements of a newly installed pool area. The use of Adbri Windsor concrete blocks and carefully selected paver steps resulted in an outdoor space that is both practical and visually appealing. The project highlights our ability to quickly adapt to existing site conditions and client specifications, delivering tailored solutions that enhance the overall functionality and beauty of outdoor living areas.

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