200 Series Besser Block Wall Solution for Subsiding Parkwood Property

200 Series Besser Block Wall Solution for Subsiding Parkwood Property

Client Challenge

At a residential property in Parkwood, Gold Coast QLD, homeowners were confronted with a concerning issue of rapid subsidence under their house. This problem area, being largely out of sight, required a pragmatic and effective solution to prevent further structural damage. The project posed significant challenges due to the wall's intended location and the complexity of accessing a steep slope, making the task of construction particularly daunting.

Our Solution

After assessing the site's unique constraints, we decided on a 200 series Besser block wall as the most suitable approach to stabilise the subsiding area. Our team employed innovative tactics to navigate the difficult terrain; a small excavator was brought in through custom-built ramps, enabling us to reach the critical area at the property's rear. Due to the impracticality of removing excavated soil, we creatively repurposed it to cultivate a garden further down the slope, adding value to the property while addressing the issue at hand. The construction process involved laying the Besser blocks on a steel-reinforced concrete footing, followed by core filling with concrete and embedding steel bars within the blocks for enhanced strength. To ensure proper drainage and prevent soil contamination, we backfilled the wall with 20mm drainage gravel, installed a 65mm drainage pipe, and utilised geotextile fabric. A neat capping provided the finishing touch, achieving a polished look.


The construction of the 200 series Besser block wall not only stabilised the subsiding area under the house but also introduced a new garden space, effectively utilising the excavated soil. This solution addressed the structural concerns while improving the property's aesthetics and utility. Despite the challenging access and location, our team's expertise and strategic approach led to a successful project completion, ensuring the homeowners' peace of mind.

Project Highlights

This Parkwood project exemplifies our proficiency in delivering tailored retaining wall solutions in challenging conditions. Our innovative use of a 200 series Besser block wall to counteract subsidence, combined with creative problem-solving for site access and soil management, underscores our commitment to providing effective and aesthetically pleasing outcomes. The project's success reaffirms our capability to navigate complex scenarios, reinforcing our standing as a leading provider of retaining wall services on the Gold Coast.

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